Leia, a 2014 start-up in Menlo Park, CA, spun out of HP Labs, has developed a diffractive light field backlighting (DLB) display. Developed from work done at HP Labs in the field of nano design and manufacturing, the company’s proprietary diffractive light field display uses finely tuned nanostructures to project a dense light field from a transparent, edge-lit substrate. This … Read more

Facebook’s AR glasses getting closer

Plessey, a developer of microLED technology for AR/MR displays in Devon, UK, said they have decided to work with Facebook to help the company achieve its vision of the next computing platform. Plessey designs and manufactures full-field emissive microLED displays, which promise both high pixel-density and high brightness. Under a new commercial agreement, Plessy’s LED manufacturing operations will be dedicated … Read more

Acer ranked number one in gaming monitors

  The latest market data (from IHS)shows Acer ranked as the number one supplier, worldwide, for gaming monitors in 1H’19 with 15.7% market share and 81% year-on-year (YoY) growth. In North America, Acer also took the no. 1 spot during 1H’19 with 27.8% retail gaming market share, and in Canada with a 24.2% market share (source: NPD). The success of … Read more

Key Smart’s Nano Torch—one very bright, pixel

  We chase pixels here at Mt. Tiburon Testing Labs, so when Key Smart’s rep asked if I’d like to look at the company’s new flashlight, I thought, why? But then I thought. What is a flashlight but a projector without an LCD? And yes, I was intrigued. If you ever wanted a small but powerful light, you should check … Read more

Oculus has something for everyone

From a low-cost Samsung Gear VR HMD to a super high-performance Rift, Oculus has the VR landscape pretty much covered. Hugo Barra, VP of VR at Oculus shows the company’s existing and future product lineup for 2018   Oculus showed off a range of HMDs at GDC and explained how they think they’ve got something for everyone. Low-cost entry-level (some … Read more