Facebook reveals smart glasses: Ray-Ban stories

(Source: Facebook)   Facebook worked with Ray-Ban to design sunglasses to take photos, record video, answer phone calls, and play podcasts. You need to be a Facebook subscriber to use those services, but who isn’t a Facebook user? The unstylish-looking Wayfarer sunglasses is the first product from a multiyear collaboration with EssilorLuxottica, the Italian-French vertically integrated multinational corporation based in … Read more

Facebook’s AR glasses getting closer

Plessey, a developer of microLED technology for AR/MR displays in Devon, UK, said they have decided to work with Facebook to help the company achieve its vision of the next computing platform. Plessey designs and manufactures full-field emissive microLED displays, which promise both high pixel-density and high brightness. Under a new commercial agreement, Plessy’s LED manufacturing operations will be dedicated … Read more

Facebook brands Oculus Reality Lab: it’s now FRL

According to a Facebook posting by Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash, Oculus Research will be known as Facebook Reality Labs (FRL). “While our name is new,” said Abrash, “our focus on the future hasn't changed.” Facebook is slowly, deliberately, and we think carefully subsuming Oculus, as it should. Facebook changed the Oculus leadership in late 2016 and Oculus founder and … Read more

Microsoft delivers machine learning to every windows developer

ONNX API now available in Windows At the recent Windows Developer Day, Microsoft exec. Kevin Gallo announced a number of new products for developers, the most interesting of which was what he called “the intelligent edge” and the Windows AI Platform. In a nutshell, this means that while Microsoft has previously focused mainly on cloud-based AI, it is now turning … Read more

Oculus Go headset limbos under the $200 bar for consumers

At Facebook’s recent Oculus Connect 4 Keynote VR conference, Facebook announced a variety of new products and features. The most notable product announcement is the $199 Oculus Go, an entry-level VR product that Facebook believes will be adopted by the masses.  Facebook is keeping their fingers crossed that Oculus Go, with its big price difference from the $399 Oculus Rift, … Read more

Oculus Connect 4 Conference

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who believe in VR and those who say it’ll never happen. And, okay, there are those wusses who say, VR is going to be great but now right now. The people at Oculus Connect are believers. After all, it’s a developer conference, they have skin in the game. This year … Read more