A sonnet to pixels

How could we live without our little colored dots of light?

Chat GPT
(Source: ChatGPT and JPR, all rights reserved)

In realms of light where art and science meet,
A canvas formed of countless dots aligned;
Pixels dance and weave, a tale complete,
In vibrant hues and shades that intertwine.

Each pixel holds a fragment of the scene,
A microcosm of beauty, truth, and play,
A symphony of colors, bold and keen,
They bring to life the visions of the day.

Yet in their solitude, pixels unite,
To form the grand tapestry we behold,
A world in bits and bytes, both dark and bright,
Where stories, dreams, and wonders are retold.

Oh, pixels, tiny miracles of light,
You paint our world with wonder and insight.