Opening at NAB

Posted: 04.09.13

It’s raining in Las Vegas – who saw that coming, certainly not someone who packed the day before.

As the person on the monorail said, “it’s raining, we might as well go to the sessions.” The weather is surprisingly unpleasant for Las Vegas but inside, there is a lot going on. Perhaps no other industry has gone through so many changes as the TV industry. TV doesn’t mean networks or cable it means video. We’re all broadcasters now.

This year 4K is a given. At CES 4K television sets were on exhibition. At NAB the content makers are racing to get 4K content created. But why, you might ask, the distribution channels aren’t even built yet. Content is being created in 4K. It might not be sent out in HD but that 4K content enables sportscasters to zoom in on the details of a play and it enables the TV show directors to craft the best shot, but most important, demand for that content is coming faster than anyone else expected.

Sony SVP Alec Shapiro promised low cost 4K cameras for professionals and following right behind 4K cameras for consumers. It’s not just Sony, he says all the camera manufacturers are getting on board.

The other big issues we’re seeing on the boards include 2D plus 3D content creation. Maxon is teaming with Adobe. The Foundry has acquired Luxology, and Autodesk is teaming with themselves (hey lookie, they’re saying, we’ve had this 3D stuff all along). What else? The VFX guys are doing their best to learn from their counterparts in episodic TV production, and in advertising, how to get leaner and more efficient.

We’re having a great time. It’s rainy, so we’re learning a lot more.