A sweat-powered personal companion

Posted: 09.15.06

Now you can get a mobile phone that’s either made of chocolate, pretty in pink, or tattles on you if you’re lying. Or you can wait a while and get one with no buttons and a decent sized screen. You can already surf the web, check your email, your location, listen to music, watch TV, play games, send text messages, videos, and even voice messages. Soon you’ll be able to lock/unlock your car, home, and ride the subway with your personal companion, and you’ll never get lost again

But because of the pathetic plethora of proprietary protective political parochial protocols that have propagated around this poor planet our mobile phones have to have an abundance of radios for cell communications (GSM (2 flavors) FDMA, TDMA, CDMA (several flavors), PDC, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, and WCDMA) or we have to carry several phones when we travel.

And, worker bees connected 24/7 to their email/phone may not be employee of the month. If that sounds like an employer’s dream come true, think again. according to a Rutgers University-Camden researcher, employers who encourage non-stop work connections via technology may wind up with liability for encouraging addiction among their staff.

GPS on your phone, you’ll never get lost again. (GPS phone, courtesy Samsung)

It’s not going to get any easier, either. Soon we’ll add TV and again we’re faced with too many proprietary solutions (MediaFLO, DVB-H, T-DMB.)

And when we get tried of TV, we’ll play games, Mahjong, Space Invades, on the big screen buttonless models, we’ll even be able to do FPSs.

We’ll go for Wireless (802.11a, b, e, g, n,), and of course we need Bluetooth for our ear buds and synch programs.

And with a facing camera we’ve got video conferencing. Soon we’ll have positional (GPS) as well as personal ID (RFID), and maybe even ZigBee, and garage door and remote TV radios; where will it all end?

Snoopy Dog in your palm, never miss an episode. (Courtesy Modeo)

It won’t. It can’t. We live in a Moore’s law world were we do stuff because we can, not because anyone asked for it. We’re limited only by our imagination, and for a while battery size/life, but eventually even that will be miniaturized to a microscopic fuel-cell that runs off our sweat. The phone will be in our ear, or glasses and the screen in the lens. Totally voice actuated, and monitoring our emotions, it will offer advice, directions to a clinic or a restaurant (if it sense we’re hungry), and read our email to us.

Zach Morris started it all with his original cell phone—weighed 8 pounds and was just a telephone. (Courtesy Urban Dictionary)

Immersed in radio waves, totally secure about where we are and how to get to where we want to be, never alone, or bored, our personal companion will be more like a real companion. We’ll talk to it, seek its advice and assign it a name. Instead of down loading dial tones, we’ll down load voice types and personalities. We’ll choose the way we want our personal companions to react to us, Today I want you to be my mom. Today I’d like you to be nice to me. Today I don’t want any advice, OK?