Cebit 2006 dawns cold and gray but we came anyway

Posted: 03.13.06
The nice warm press center at Cebit is packed with journalists testing the capability of wireless.. (Photo: Jon Peddie Research)

This year Cebit and IDF fall at the same time so JPR is splitting up to try and get as much of the big picture as possible.

On Day One it looks like it's actually the small picture. Intel opened up with a keynote promoting Viiv and also small portable computers. Intel says the Yonah processor is just the thing for an Ultra-Mobile PC, a UMPC. Yep, in case you didn't know it, the world apparently needs a new sub-class of computer.

There was a charming counterpoint over at Microsoft's mini-city in Hall 1 (there's something like 36 here at Cebit), where the company is showcasing their Origami platform. This is yet another take on the Tablet PC, which features a screen 7 inches or less, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. A keyboard is definitely optional but Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not. A little mini-video camera isn't such a bad idea either.

Asus R2H.

Microsoft also showed off the coming Microsoft Office. The company has changed the name from Office "12" to Microsoft Office 2007, and it promises the new suite of products will come out at the end of 2006 just like the name implies.

At the press conference we attended some lame character asked if Office 2007 would be late. Well no, said Microsoft spokesguys in suits, Microsoft is not announcing that they will be late and in fact they said they're quite satisfied with the pace of finishing up the product for shipment.