Christmas is coming, what’re we gonna do?

Posted: 11.21.05

Now that we have every conceivable type of media available on our PCs, in every form factor, medium, and bandwidth, with more than able storage, and on all the PCs we have including our laptop, and we have really cinematic quality games, great sound from 3.1 to 7.1, wireless everything from keyboards and mice to remotes, and sources of information and entertainment from various and multiple pipes, flash memory and optical disks of varying size and capacity, gigantic high-resolution screens, and the word and concept convergence is thought of as so 1990s, where do we go next?

Indeed. That's the question that's being asked all over the world, and especially now that the holiday season is upon us. What are we going to sell to the consumers next? More seems to be the answer—another TV, another media player, more CDs or downloads, another game console. Another game console, hey, there's the idea, how about another game console? We could add it to the PSP, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, DS, and Game Boys we have. OK, not a great idea, but how about this? How about an arcade system?

XboxNot only that, we can recycle some of our older stuff. Our next edition is going to have a lot of Xbox360 stuff in it. We're playing with the new console now, getting familiar with it, and in general having a good time.

But sitting over in the corner, looking like an old Christmas doll with a missing eye and tattered clothes, is the original Xbox. Kinda sad actually, but what are you going to do? Time marches on, and we're a society that's based on planned obsolescence and getting new stuff.

But how many of us have an honest-to-gosh arcade machine? Damn few I'd say. Hell, I don't even have one—yet.

Now as some of you know, I'm big into recycling. Our recycling bin is three times our landfill trash bin. So if I can recycle anything, I'm gonna.

What if I could recycle the Xbox? Wait a minute, I can! Not only that, I can also be the first on the block to have an arcade machine. There's going to be thousands of Xboxes pushed aside in homes this holiday to make space for the new Xbox 360. But a little company in Folsom, CA (home of the prison Johnny Cash made famous and one of Intel's major engineering centers), wants to give them a new home É nice and cozy, resting inside a shiny new arcade kit from Dream Arcades.

You buy a kit, drop in the Xbox, and then with a little emulation software you can be playing classic games from Namco, Capcom, Tecmo, and Midway as well as some of today's hottest action, fighting, and puzzle games, without needing a computer.

Holiday sale pricing on arcade kits ranges from $659 for a side-by-side table to $999 for an upright cabinet. Simply put your Xbox and 19-inch TV inside and keep gaming!

And if you want some classic and new arcade games, check out this site:

So now we know what to do this year. We can recycle, and we can get a new Xbox360, and not have a guilty conscience about it. This is a great idea, I'm a genius. Now what am I going to do for everyone else?