Alienware lights up the desktop space

New Aurora R16 provides a cooler, quieter, smaller desktop.

Seamus Madden

Alienware has revealed a new successor in the company’s Aurora R series gaming desktop models, the Aurora R16, with its Legend 3 design language along with the Alienware Command Center 6.0. The Aurora R16 features a smaller and cooler chassis with similar or greater performance to its predecessors.

Alienware has introduced the next iteration of the Aurora R desktop computer series, with the Aurora R16, positioned as a high-performance, hassle-free prebuilt desktop that is ready to use out of the box. With improved acoustics and thermals, the redesigned R16 is also more streamlined than the R15, occupying less space than the previous version.

The Aurora R16 is the first desktop with the Legend 3 form, a design language that was introduced at CES 2023 and focuses on “form, function, and quality.” The Legend 3 is built with the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled plastics (57%) in Alienware’s desktop history, and a minimum of 11% recycled steel in the chassis. Additionally, its packaging is made with up to 97.2% recycled or renewable content.

The Alienware Aurora R16: The glow of the lights helps the machine live up to its name. (Source: Alienware)

On the outside, the Aurora R16 comprises about 40% less total volume than the R15. Inside, though, the volume of the Alienware Aurora R16 remains the same and continues to be heavily optimized for gamers. Also, the R16 is 20% quieter than the R15 and 7% cooler, while delivering equal or greater performance. The decrease in size and temperature largely comes from airflow efficiency. Depending on the configuration of the machine, the system features two to four 120mm chassis fans. Further, with a CPU carrying a 240mm heat exchanger and the option to upgrade to liquid cooling and to add 120mm exhaust fans, the new system contains the coolest and quietest experience yet, says the company.

Other features of the Aurora R16 include:

  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs
  • 12th and 13th Gen Intel Core desktop processors
  • Wi-Fi 6 (or 6E) and 2.5Gb/s Ethernet for both wired and wireless connections
  • Up to 64GB of 5,200MT/s DDR5 memory or 32GB of 5,600MT/s DDR5 memory
  • Up to 8TB (2×4TB) of SSD Storage

The Aurora R16 desktop also marks the first Alienware desktop to feature the new Alienware Command Center 6.0, a centralized dashboard for fast access to a range of system settings. Through a redesigned UI and more stable performance, the Command Center 6.0 offers new features in terms of convenience and style. Overclocking CPUs, GPUs, and thermals now come with increased customization, including presets or manual control for those users with varying degrees of technical knowledge. Comprehensive data on elements such as temperature, fan speed, voltage, clock speed, memory used, and storage space are available to users via a click, revealing in-depth system statistics. An in-game performance overlay is also available for obtaining a quick overview of the system’s current performance.

With the integration of Dolby Atmos, users can adjust the sound experience and link to Dolby applications.

Alienware’s signature AlienFX is getting an upgrade as well. The controls for the lighting on Alienware systems, monitors, and peripherals are more intuitive. Additionally, customizing effects and colors on devices can be done individually, in groups, or based on the game or application.

The new desktop is available now starting at $1,749.99 from

What do we think?

The Aurora R16 represents a milestone for Alienware. It is not only the first desktop to take advantage of the Command Center 6.0, but is also the first of its kind built according to the new Legend 3 design language. The look is quite sleek and compact. With all the general improvements to design and hardware, the new desktop is looking to be quite a sight in the Aurora R series.