Announcing Virtualize, JPR’s Remote Graphics and Virtualization Conference

Big players, big potential—big challenges?

Robert Dow

TIBURON, Calif.— In response to a recent survey of end users and managers regarding their interest and knowledge of remote graphics, remote workstations and virtualized computing, Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, has announced Virtualize, the company’s first conference on the subject of Remote Graphics and Virtualization (RG&V) as it applies to businesses both large and small.

“Based on the results of our survey, there is clearly a lot of confusion over this nascent category, which is not too unusual given its relative newness,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of JPR. “However, interest in the ability to collaborate and work anywhere at any time on any machine with a full database is enormous.”

The overwhelming number of respondents to JPR's survey on virtualization expressed interest in taking advantage of the technology. They hope to see advantages in a variety of areas including productivity and collaboration. (Source: JPR)

The Virtualize Conference, October 30 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, is designed to give real-world guidance to industry professionals who are looking for ways to achieve more efficiency, productivity and resource management in their organizations through the use of virtualization technologies. The conference will feature talks and panel discussions from people who are making virtualization work in their organizations including large engineering operations such as Boeing and GE, entertainment companies such as Dreamworks and ILM working with huge data sets, and in small and medium businesses who want to make better use of their resources. .Security is also a critical interest for all of these companies.

Leveraging Virtualization for Any Size Business

Virtualization is becoming commonplace in the enterprise, as large companies optimize and manage their resources but there are more benefits to be realized from using Remote Graphics and Virtualization for high-end computing. Professionals in a wide range of companies can now take advantage of virtualization techniques for specialized tasks such as engineering, design, analysis, rendering.

Additionally, IT professionals would like to extend their resources to enable their users to access more resources when needed. But, in many cases, there’s a great deal of uncertainty about how best to take advantage of new technology. As JPR’s survey has indicated people are not sure what they can do, and they don’t know where to start.

JPR’s Conference will provide an overview of virtualization options, hands-on explanations from experienced users and detailed descriptions of the products and configurations available for different work flows. In addition the conference will also take a look down the road to describe what’s happening in the future, and how best to evaluate new technology and prepare for implementation.

The Virtualize Conference will be beneficial for both principals who are setting the strategic direction for their organization as well as for early adopters responsible for implementation. Early bird registration is open now through September 5, 2014 for $199 at:

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Dr. Jon Peddie has been active in the graphics and multimedia fields for more than 30 years. Jon Peddie Research is a technically oriented multimedia and graphics research and consulting firm. Based in Tiburon, California, JPR provides consulting, research, and other specialized services to technology companies in a variety of fields including graphics development, multimedia for professional applications and consumer electronics, high-end computing, and Internet-access product development. Jon Peddie’s Market Watch is a quarterly report focused on the market activity of PC graphics controllers for notebook and desktop computing.

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