Baby you can drive my car; Tesla gets game

Elon Musk teases Easter eggs in Tesla update

Jon Peddie

They say that if you go to the executive offices of Tesla, on a day Elon Musk is visiting, you can hear him humming and singing,

Baby, you can drive my car
Yes I'm gonna be a star

Baby, you can drive my car
And maybe I'll love you


It’s not that he just a Battles fan, he is, but he is also a Pole Position fan. In a recent Tweet of his, he announced that a few classic Atari games would be included as Easter eggs in a Tesla update — all great leaders now make their announcements via Twitter, it’s the new power thing.


The initial games, said Musk, would hopefully include Tempest, Missile Command and Pole Position – a version that uses the Tesla's actual steering wheel as a control input. If anyone really needs to ask, yes, the car will need to be stopped to play.



Musk called on game developers to come to apply for jobs, indicating that he's hoping Tesla can produce some unique original games that integrate the screen, your phone, and the physical car in creative ways.

Final word

Our gaming analyst Ted Pollak suggested a new game be developed for the Telsa: Autopilot Crash Playing Frogger!