Benchmark GPUs across OSes with Basemark

Test introduces hyper realistic, true gaming type of content

Jon Peddie


Basemark, burst onto the benchmarking stage in 2016. Since then, it has been the darling and nemesis of mobile device builders. The company recently announced its newest GPU benchmark, which is the first in the market to benchmark ray tracing with Windows DirectX 12, Linux, and Vulkan. In other words, ray tracing is being added to Basemark, with support for Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

GPUScore benchmark, says the company, will introduce hyper-realistic, gaming content in three different workloads: Relic of Life, Secret Path, and Expedition.

GPUScore Relic of Life is a completely new benchmark targeted to high-end graphics AIBs.  The key new feature is real-time ray-traced reflections and reflections of reflections.

Basemark says it is working with its Development Program (BDP) members to finalize the product. The company released an alpha version to BDP members last week and said it has received positive feedback.

The company plans to make the public release of GPUScore Relic of Life before the end of the year.