Color calibration from ASUS—what you see is what you get

Portrait Displays’ Calman makes it so

Jon Peddie

When you’re shopping online for a Zeus Bronze C8 2020 Stingray, you want to see Zeus Bronze not Coppertone bronze, and it better look the same when the dealer drops it off at your house. If your monitor is not properly color calibrated, it’s a toss of the dice as to what shade, hue and color you might get.

Portrait Displays has been working on this problem for almost twenty years and has pretty much set the standard for how one goes about getting consistent and predictable color from a TV or PC monitor. For example, the new Samsung TVs can be calibrated with Portrait Displays’ Calman software.

Recently ASUS announced its ProArt display line which ships with firmware designed to accept and react to Portrait Displays’ Calman color software and colorimeter. Selected ASUS ProArt Displays will now support this software by being either Calman Ready, specifying that the display is equipped with the innate function to communicate directly with Calman software; or Calman Verified, an assurance of impeccable color accuracy right out of the box.

Portrait Displays offers three different integrated branded solutions:

For professionals who require precision color and control, ASUS offers the ProArt Displays PA32UCX, PA32UCX-P, and PA27UCX, which are marked as Calman Ready. Calman Ready displays and devices communicate directly with Calman color calibration software, leveraging the fast, accurate, and in many cases, automated, capabilities of Calman. With Calman’s AutoCal feature, much of the calibration workflow process is automated and completed by Calman, and very few adjustments are needed by the consumer. In addition to being much faster than a manual calibration, AutoCal delivers much more consistent and reliable results.

Calman Verified displays include ASUS ProArt Displays PA248QV and PA278QV. Using Calman verification tools, these products are meticulously tested to fit Portrait Displays’ gamut, gamma, color temperature, brightness, and DDC/CI communication standards, and carry a tangible Calman Verified report in their packaging.

So the next time you are doing color grading of a picture or movie, or simply buying an $85,000 automobile, you can be confident things will turn out right if your monitor has been Calman color calibrated.