Imagination Technologies and Texas Instruments conquer new markets together—again

Two old friends and partners are going to drive your car

Jon Peddie
(Source: AARP)

Imagination Technologies said Texas Instruments will use Imagination’s BXS-4-64 GPU. TI will use the GPU in its Jacinto processor families for automotive applications. One of the things TI likes about the BXS-4-64 are its safety features, and that the design process conformed to ISO 26262. That has helped Imagination’s customers achieve ISO 26262 certification, and TI wants to be one of them. Who wouldn’t? Imagination’s B-Series multi-core architecture, says the company incorporates new features and safety mechanisms, such as Tile Region Protection, in addition to existing features such as hardware virtualization. We discussed those features here.

Sleeping at the wheel takes on new meaning when TI and Imagination are driving. (Source: Machine Design)


What do we think?

Some day autonomous vehicles will populate the roads in large quantities. Any accidents that happen will be like airplanes that crash—pilot error. That will be tolerated for a while until the insurance companies can successfully lobby for streets to be designated no manual drivers, or have special lanes for the manual driver as we do now for bicycles. One day, there will be roads, paid for by subscription that drivers can use. There will be the back roads of today, with twists and hills, and leaves in the fall to rush through. Autonomous vehicles will be on the main streets for people who have to get somewhere, not for people who just want to feel the road.

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