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Chaos Group’s V-Ray for Cinema4D creates Pamporovo

Posted: By Jon Peddie 12.14.20


There a ski resort in Bulgaria called Pamporovo. Some of the Chaos Group employees may have spent some time there. To celebrate the release of V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D, the creative folks at Chaos started with Pamporovo as an inspiration and incorporated features from several Bulgarian winter resorts while also giving it a feel of the German/Austrian Alps. Combining the names of the most famous Bulgarian resorts, Pamporovo and Borovets, for their demo for V-Ray for Cinema-4D, they present Bamborovets. The super modern building at the top, which could be mistaken for a space ship out of Star Trek, is an example of what one can with Cinema 4D and the proper ray tracing rendering tools.

Chaos brought all their V-Ray integrations to Cinema 4D, including access to interactive light mixing, scene intelligence, faster GPU rendering, RTX support, cloud rendering access, and more. Everything a C4D artist needs to go full steam ahead in the marketing, architectural, automotive, or Bulgarian ski resorts. The litany is too impressive and too long for me to list, so go here for the full story. Still, we were particularly impressed by the addition of interactive light mixing and build-in compositing that has grown out of the collaboration with Maxon.

Or, you can go here for a winter treat (assuming you’d be allowed to travel).

Pamporovo, Bulgaria


Or here.

Borovets, Bulgaria


I like the Chaos folks; they’ve got imagination and a good sense of humor. If you can’t have fun doing your work, then why bother, right?