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Posted: 10.27.16
One of the pioneers takes a look back

Apple’s QuickTime 1.0 was completed on December 9th 1991, and the 25th anniversary of that game-changing technology is this year. There are very few architectures that anyone can think of that have survived for that period of time and continue to make a meaningful impact in technology circles. QuickTime is one of those rare technologies that keep giving, years after they were conceived.

To recognize this milestone, a private celebration event is scheduled for December 9, somewhere in the SF Bay Area and celebrate everyone’s contributions to QuickTime on its 25th anniversary.

In order to connect the many generations of QuickTime contributors at Apple, its partners and 3rd-party developers, and friends of the team, a private Facebook site has been setup as outreach and an organizing system. We will be tracking the event and will be reporting back to you about all the news coming from the participants.

What do we think?

If you had anything to do with software only digital video in the 90’s using or making QuickTime tools, you should check in at the following link and be part of the upcoming event. QuickTime - Friends and Family on FaceBook don’t wait another 10 years to check in!

Mitch is going to do a write up on QT, and his involvement with it in a forthcoming issue of TW. It’ll be a keeper. -- JP