Lunch with us at Siggraph 2002

This July 24 at an exclusive lunch during Siggraph, Jon Peddie will lead a panel of high-profile CG experts in a lively debate:

Robert Dow

Computer graphics has progressed amazingly in the last two years
to the point where the press is saying, “Games outsell movies and
can you tell the difference anymore?” Might we have obtained “good
enough” computer graphics? Are we at the knee of diminishing returns?
And what does this mean for the many industries using CG today, such
as entertainment, games, advertising and simulation?

Find out what the industry leaders are saying: Get up close and personal
with our panel of industry experts headed by Dr. Jon Peddie of Jon
Peddie Research,
and including:

ATI—Andy Thompson, Director of Advanced Technology

NVIDIA—Kurt Akeley, Founder, SGI

DreamWorks—Ed Leonard, Head of CG Technology for
Dreamworks/Pacific Data Images

Exluna—Beth Loughney, Vice President

SoftImage—Michael Sheasby, Director of Business

AliasWavefront—Bob Bennette, General Manager

Attendees will get to meet the panelists and the following sponsors
and see their product demonstrations before and after the lunch and

• HP
• S3 Graphics

If you’re a member of the press and would like more details and to
schedule specific appointments with the panelists and sponsors, please
contact Pat Meier-Johnson 415.381.6602; [email protected].

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