Nvidia answers ATI with Select Builder program for US channel partners

Posted: 10.07.02

Nvidia has indeed lost a few fractious partner to ATI’s new open platform strategy. And, we have been assured by ATI’s representatives that there are plenty more deals going on. In addition, ATI announced at Cebit a renewed effort at developing relationships with System Integrators, OEMs, and VARs. ATI is offering marketing dollar incentives to companies who work with ATI’s AIB partners.

Likewise, Nvidia is hoping to strengthen its relationship with its U.S. partners with the launch of the Nvidia Select Builder Program. To pitch the deal to companies, Nvidia has launched the site which offers marketing, sales and technical materials for Nvidia products. The company also offers co-operative marketing deals based on volume purchases of Nvidia products, access to Nvidia’s newsletter and special program member announcements featuring product and promotional opportunities and sales and technical support via the web.

The company quotes executive from Alienware, ABS Technologies, and Atlas Micro as enthusiastic beneficiaries of the Select Builder program.

The heat is on. We think this could get nasty by the time Computex rolls around. There will be more deals and programs designed to win the hearts of vacillating companies as we head into the second quarter.