Remote work and play: Our new reality

Jon Peddie addresses the pros (and cons) of this work scenario during a TIFCA presentation.

Karen Moltenbrey

Dr. Jon Peddie, CEO of Jon Peddie Research, applied his years of experience as an industry leader to offer his views on the growing remote work and play industry in the keynote speech at this year’s TIFCA (The International Future Computing Association) summit, whose focus is on this very timely topic.

“Remote Work and Play: Our New Reality” by Jon Peddie at 2022 International Future Computing Summit.

Peddie is also chair of TIFCA, whose mission is to develop frameworks and initiatives that enable technology adoption. This is accomplished through an ecosystem called CORA (Create Once Reach All), which comprises industry and thought leadership across the client, cloud, and network industries. CORA focuses on leveraging these technologies to address and solve various industry challenges. The remote work and play industry is a use-case direction for TIFCA, particularly with the needs of this industry expected to rise in terms of compute and network bandwidth, among other requirements.

In his presentation, Peddie pointed to the computing/networking needs of remote work and play, but he mainly centered his presentation on the human factors involved regarding this trend.

Neil Schneider is executive director of TIFCA. His and other presentations can be found on the TIFCA website, as well as more information about the group’s work in this and other areas.