S3, back in the game

Robert Dow

S3 Graphics today announced the S3 Graphics Chrome 400 Series discrete graphics processors, designed to provide the latest gaming experience for energy-efficient desktop systems and portable notebook PCs coupled with outstanding HD content playback at the highest performance-per-watt ratio ever.

“S3 Graphics has developed a product that will deliver incredible, high quality 1080p HD playback for Home Media Centers, Desktop PCs and Ultra Thin and Light Notebook PCs without creating the unwanted noise and heat often associated with high performance components,” said Dr. Ken Weng, GM of S3 Graphics. “The feature-rich capabilities in the Chrome 400 Series will provide the end-user with a broad spectrum of new visual capabilities in a leading performance-per-watt product.”

“This is S3/Via’s first major product announcement since the ChromeS27 over a year ago, and its first GPU that supports DirectX 10.1. S3 is counting on the Chrome 400’s power efficiency to help is gain a foothold in the notebook sector and with small form factor PCs manufacturers. S3 boasts about its dynamic clock controls, individual execution units that can be turned on and off and its support for PCIe ASPM all which are designed to minimize power consumption. Time will tell on whether S3 can parlay the launch of the Chrome 400 to become a player in the GPU space once again.”