Samsung Serenata Challenges iPhone

Robert Dow

Move over, iPhone. There’s a new high-capacity media phone in town and it’s… downright ridiculous.
Samsung and Danish design firm Bang & Olufsen revealed their latest collaboration on Tuesday, the Serenata phone.

Featuring B&O’s trademark over-the-top design, 4GB of storage and a 2.26-inch LCD screen, the Sereneta might not quite be ready to oust Apple in the technical arena, but as a status symbol, it certainly stands a chance.

The Seranata is a sleek looking phone, with a distinctive flipped look about it. The control wheel and buttons are on top of the phone while the 2.26-LCD is on the bottom. The new Samsung will feature 4GB of storage which is 4 short of Apple’s iPhone. Hopefully, the lack in storage space will translate to more affordable price. The price has yet to be determined but the phone is set to launch at the end of October.—CRD