Vivante GPUs Power Marvell ARMADA Application Processors

Robert Dow

Vivante Corporation announced that Marvell has deployed Vivante’s GC-series graphics processors in the new Marvell® ARMADA™ range of application processors. Marvell ARMADA products are designed specifically for next generation ARM instruction set smartphones, smartbooks, consumer and embedded devices, and displays. According to graphics industry analyst Dr. Jon Peddie, “The market for embedded GPUs is expanding rapidly with smart phones, mobile Internet devices and media server / set-top box applications creating similar market dynamics to the PC graphics card market explosion a decade earlier. The emergence of robust industry standards from the Khronos Group in the embedded space has fostered an environment where performance, cost and robust API support will rapidly sort the eventual winners from the losers. Vivante has demonstrated strength in these areas which shows they are a force to be reckoned with in this market.”