Welcome to the new JPR

JPR has revamped its website and is planning new surprises for visitors and subscribers.

Kathleen Maher

Introducing the all new Jon Peddie Research website.

It all started out simply enough. We needed to revamp and create a responsive site. It was also getting obvious to us that continuing to create and distribute weekly issues in PDF has become unsustainable. So much of what we do is traveling to meet companies and developers, go to conferences, and try to get smarter. And, we figure our job is to share that stuff.

We realized we needed to do that more directly. Get what we learn to people faster, and get more out there in terms of intelligence and reports.

Our solution. The web! Genius, right?

So welcome to these new pages. There is still considerable work that’s going on, but there comes a time when you just have to stop hammering and invite people inside and let them tell you where the wallpaper is coming down. 

We’d like all visitors to sign in. Because when you do sign in, you get  a dashboard that let’s you find what you’re interested in, go to where you were last, and save content. The feature is primarily designed for our subscribers who can basically create their own version version of TechWatch by searching for the categories they’re most interested in and archiving those stories, Report subscribers can see at a glance what reports they have, and certainly we hope to make it easy to find and subscribe to new reports as they become available.

We will be building more content for people who come to visit. And Shawnee, bless her heart, has come back to help us.

One of the things we will be losing with a website is the ability to curate our stories. To publish stories together in a package that makes sense of a time period, or a trade show, or of a technology. The Dashboard will let people do that for themselves, but Shawnee will also be publishing her weekly updates and hopefully she’ll be able to build on context and to communicate the synergy around events and discoveries — not a few of them will be Shawnee’s own discoveries.

So please come on in. Don’t mind the bits of wiring left exposed and the wall paper that’s peeling off here and there. We’re still working on that. Let us know what you like and what you hate and what you’d like to see more of.

Thanks for being our friends and clients for all these marvelous years.