Computer users are taking their fun with them on the road

Posted: 03.11.03

March 11, 2003—The number of mobile computers being sold is increasing each year, and has been for over a decade. There have been two steady developments in mobile computing that has contributed to the use of the notebook as a portable entertainment: the screen size and its resolution.

Jon Peddie Research wanted to find out if consumers are using mobile systems rather than desktop systems for entertainment. We surveyed our database of computer users, and found that they were indeed using their mobile computers to play games and/or watch videos, in fact of the respondents to the survey, 45% said they were using their notebooks for such entertainment purposes.

Mobile computers are used increasingly for entertainment while the computer user is traveling. As the following chart indicates, the traveling computer users use their notebooks for both games and/or video.

Figure 1
1. Computer user's entertainment activities while traveling

Video is clearly the number one choice for entertainment when traveling.

DVD players and recorders have become the hottest selling component in the computer and CE industries, and the mobile computer is no exception.

There are also companion audio products that offer 20- to 24-bit, 96- to 192kHz sound subsystems, and simulation software When a high-quality set of muffler ear phones are used with the mobile computer, the audio experience is without sacrifice.

The mobile computer has become a legitimate and welcome platform for all types of entertainment, from simples games to heart pounding 3D first-person shooters, from low bit rate MPEG-4 videos to full-screen DVD feature film with 5.1 simulated sound.

Table of contents

Mobile Computer Trends
Trend data of consumers buying mobile systems
Trend In Use of Mobile Computers For Entertainment Purposes
Screen size and resolution
Game play on computers
Entertainment While Traveling
Video Watching on Computers
The DVD revolution
Audio in mobile computers
Video watching on mobile computers
Types of video watched on a computer
Streaming video
Dolby Headphone Technology

Table of figures

Figure 1. Mobile and desktop shipments
Figure 2. Mobile computer growth rate
Figure 3. Computer users who use a mobile computer for entertainment
Figure 4. Screen resolution of mobile computers
Figure 5. Screen size of mobile computers
Figure 6. Computer users who play games on any type of computer
Figure 7. Computer users choice of platform for game playing
Figure 8. Increase in game play on each platform
Figure 9. Computer user’s entertainment activities while traveling
Figure 10. Computer users watching videos on a computer
Figure 11. DVD in mobile computers
Figure 12. Computer users watching video on a mobile computer
Figure 13. Computer users watching more video on their mobile computer
Figure 14. DVD watching on a computer
Figure 15. MPEG-4/ DivX watching on a computer
Figure 16. Streaming video watching on a computer