Results mixed for the graphics add-in board market in Q1’08: Jon Peddie Research

Posted: 05.19.08
TIBURON, Calif—May 19, 2008—The first quarter often presents a mixed bag for graphics add-in board vendors, and Q1'08 was no exception. After completing its tabulations, Jon Peddie Research reports both gains and declines for the quarter, depending on the perspective.

Sequentially, units were down around 8% from the fourth quarter of '07 (to 24.4 million), with revenue down just over 20%. But while the sequential view was down, the year-to-year picture reveals an increase of 18% (units), indicating improved market health.

When considering the cyclical nature of the business, a soft first quarter shouldn't surprise. Especially in a market where the consumer is a major driving force, Q1 often exhibits some “holiday hangover” from Q4. Add in the normal, periodic jostling of vendors' product lines, and while Q1'08 results might at first appear disappointing, they were not out of line with expectations.

Among vendors, Nvidia and AMD neither gained nor lost position in the market, maintaining the previous quarter's 65% and 35% shares, respectively.