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Market Watch

JPR’s quarterly report Market Watch gives market share (in units) of all suppliers of graphics chips, integrated, embedded, and discrete worldwide. Historical data is included from Q1’04. Market Watch is supplied in electronic form, and includes a written summary of the quarter and an in-depth spreadsheet.

Market Watch is a valuable resource for understanding the PC market providing insight into the capabilities of PCs in use today and coming in the near future.

report excerpt

Year-to-year total GPU shipments decreased -3.3%, desktop graphics increased 2%, notebooks decreased -6%. 

The desktop gain is attributed to gaming and cryptocurrency. That helped AMD and Nvidia gain market share. 

This is the latest report from Jon Peddie Research on the GPUs used in PCs. It is reporting on the results of Q3'17 GPU shipments world-wide.


  • The report explains the categories and uses of all graphics devices shipped with PCs.
  • Diagrams help explain technology and organization of the market
  • In depth and knowledgeable profiles of all suppliers
  • Detailed spreadsheets included
  • Updated quarterly