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Market Watch

JPR’s quarterly report Market Watch gives market share (in units) of all suppliers of graphics chips, integrated, embedded, and discrete worldwide. Historical data is included from Q1’04. Market Watch is supplied in electronic form, and includes a written summary of the quarter and an in-depth spreadsheet.

Market Watch is a valuable resource for understanding the PC market providing insight into the capabilities of PCs in use today and coming in the near future.

report excerpt

The PC GPU market shipments increased 10.68% sequentially from last quarter, but decreased -5.60% year-to-year,

This is the latest report from Jon Peddie Research on the GPUs used in PCs. It is reporting on the results of Q3'19 GPU shipments world-wide.

The global GPU market has been strengthening towards the end of the year, which is in line with seasonal trends, but JPR also reports some surprising spikes in specific categories. Discrete GPU shipments increased to 321% of PCs up 5.1 from last quarter which is a significant improvement and hopefully a bell-weather for the industry.

Nvidia’s shipments showed a giant 38.3% increase from last quarter. The company leads in discrete GPUs and this quarter shipped more than all of AMD’s total GPUs (including APUs).

For comparison, AMD’s overall unit shipments increased 8.7% quarter-to-quarter, Intel’s total shipments increased 5.4% from last quarter, and as mentioned, Nvidia’s increased 38.3%. Last quarter was transitional for Nvidia and the company ramped up at the end of the quarter. Channel inventory is now healthy says the company, Q4 notebook will be seasonally down. Nvidia says RTX doing well and represents 66% of its gaming revenue.


The report contains the following content:

  • Worldwide GPU and PC Shipment Volume, 1994 to 2023.
  • Detailed worldwide GPU Shipment Volume, 1Q 2001 to date, and forecast to 2023.
  • Major suppliers: Detailed market share data on the shipments of AMD, Intel, Nvidia, and others.
  • Financial results for the leading suppliers: Analysis of the quarterly results of the leading GPU suppliers.
  • Market forecasts: You will also be able to download a detailed spreadsheet and supporting charts that project the supplier’s shipments over the period 2001 to 2023. Projections are split into platforms and GPU type.
  • GPUs: History, status, and analysis.
  • Financial history for the last nine quarters: Based on historic SEC filings, you can see current and historical sales and profit results of the leading suppliers. 
  • A vision of the future: Built upon a solid foundation of facts, data, and sober analysis, this section pulls together all of the report's findings and paints a vivid picture of where the PC graphics market is headed. 
  • Charts, graphics, tables, and more: Included with this report is an Excel workbook, which contains the data we used to create the charts in this report. The workbook has the charts and supplemental information.