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Workstation report

Now in its twelfth year, JPR’s Workstation Report - Professional Computing Markets and Technologies has established itself as the essential reference guide for hardware and software vendors and suppliers serving the workstation and professional graphics markets.

The JPR Workstation Report series includes a breadth of market data and research, including six total reports issued over the year.

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report excerpt

Workstation volume sustains record level in Q2’21

Market performance across geographies stabilize

As part of its ongoing research on the workstation market, Jon Peddie Research (JPR) has released its JPR Workstation Report Market Quarterly for Q2’21. In the second quarter, workstation market volume grew overall 30.6% YoY and 1.2% sequentially, effectively sustaining the first quarter’s record-setting level. It’s worth noting that in a more steady-state marketplace — definitely not an appropriate descriptor since pre-pandemic days — the second quarter typically sees sequential gains.

Economies seem to be shrugging off the varying and resurging COVID-19 pandemic levels — buoyed by variants and uneven vaccine uptake. And a return to offices, as expected ramping heading into the fall, is likely not only fueling the sustained overall volume but also spurring a shift in the fixed/mobile product mix.

Geographically, the variance in regional performance did perform generally as expected, tracking the relative improvements in the pandemic over time. JPR Senior Analyst and JPR Workstation Report author Alex Herrera points out, “Regions like China — impacted earliest by in the pandemic spread — led chronologically in both the decline and subsequent rebound of the market. But in Q2, global regions have all seem to catch up, as the US, EMEA, and APexJ all experienced similar YoY quarterly growth, resulting in more balanced worldwide market performance.”

On the vendor front, the pandemic effects have contributed to quarter-to-quarter volume swings from all of the big three: Dell, HP, and Lenovo. In the second quarter, Dell remained the market leader, while HP held on as #2 though was nearly overtaken by Lenovo.


The Workstation report series consists of four quarterly market bulletins covering both workstations and professional graphics each around 40 to 50 pages and timed to highlight the previous quarter’s (and year’s) results in the workstation and professional graphics hardware markets. Each quarterly comes with a companion XLS file, with a comprehensive array of tables and figures that go into more detail than the basic text of the bulletin. The market quarterlies are released around eight weeks after the close of the previous quarter.

The service also includes two semi-annual revisions of the JPR Workstation Report, a complete reference manual on the workstation and professional graphics businesses. Anything you want to know about the markets, technologies and industry players can be found in this all-inclusive report.