Jon’s sad story of Fallout 76

Jon gets his ass handed to him

Jon Peddie

Fallout 76 allows you to accumulate junk and weapons, either found or taken from your victims, and use them for parts or sell them to accumulate caps—the currency used in FO 76. 

As you progress through the game, you can acquire armor to protect you. You can get higher quality armor as you increase your skill level and your reserve of caps.

I am now at level 109. I had 5,500 caps. I wear in X-10 suit of armor, the highest, strongest, most expensive you can get.

I have reasonably powerful weapons, at least as powerful as I can make them. I am what you might consider a badass.

But not bad enough.

X-10 armor


While I was minding my own business, selling some junk to a trader, a guy showed up (I assume it was a guy) with a giant mouse head—by giant I mean it was two maybe three times larger than a normal head. I didn’t pay any attention to him people pass by all the time in FO 76. Sometimes they wave saying hi, most of the time they just go about their business. The mouse head guy stood in front of me, raised his weapon, and shot at me. I immediately responded and killed him, but not before he had also killed me. When I respawned, I continued my trading business only to encounter the mouse head guy again. While I was deciding what to do about him, his partner (also with a giant mouse head) came up behind me and blasted me with a shredding weapon as I have never seen or found.

I respawned from that with the intention of setting the score straight, and once again was tricked into their one-two punch—one gets in front of you and taunts you and if you engage it, the other comes up behind you and attacks you. That happened, except this time the superweapon totally shredded my armor, somehow removed special weapons I had acquired, and left me virtually naked.

It then took 80% of my caps to restore my armor and rebuild my weapons. That was a setback of about five months of playing. And before I could continue the quest I was on, I had to go scrounge and sell a lot of junk to get back some caps, getting to only 2,000. One uses caps to buy ammunition and raw material (steel, copper, lead, etc.) to repair weapons and armor before going on a quest.

The duo-marauders with their superweapon was like nothing I have encountered in the 21 months I’ve played this game. In one sense, I was outraged by the attack and my lack of recourse. If someone kills you, you are usually given an opportunity to tag them as a criminal which Bethesda presumably keeps track of and can prohibit them from playing. In my engagement, there was no such option, I was just slaughtered.

On the other hand, I consider this one of the hazards of the environment and in a sense, it adds to the excitement and the danger. So now I wonder is this duo are actually other players with an amazing weapon, or is it a bot that Bethesda put in to raise the excitement level? If the latter, that’s an incredibly clever concept on Bethesda’s part. If it’s the former I gotta get me one of those guns.

And now it’s off to the wasteland.