2023 Digital Content Creation Report


2023 Digital Content Creation Report

Unlock the secrets of the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry with our in-depth Digital Content Market Report, featuring three core sections: Markets, Service and Tool Providers, and Technology Trends. Gain insights into the primary drivers shaping the M&E landscape and discover how various entertainment forms are fueling an extraordinary demand for digital content.

This indispensable report is designed for:

  1. Marketing executives seeking to comprehend the market and their standing within it.
  2. Financial investors aiming to acquire extensive knowledge of the key market segments and major industry players.
  3. Entrepreneurs, developers, and other stakeholders looking for invaluable insights to inform their product development efforts.
  4. Products and People: We have identified over 600 DCC software tools, from over 200 companies worldwide. We have also found the DCC community to have over 36 million paying users.

Our research offers an all-encompassing analysis of the market size, growth potential, and trends propelling the industry forward.

Key findings from the 2023 report:

  • Unwavering demand for digital content, particularly local content in emerging markets.
  • The digital content creation (DCC) software tools market saw $14.1 billion in revenues in 2022, a 68% surge from 2018.
  • Subscription-based business models, cloud-based workflows, and emerging technologies such as AR/VR and the Metaverse are revolutionizing the creative landscape.
  • A diverse and multi-faceted digital content creation industry offering opportunities for artists, designers, programmers, and more.

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This report offers valuable insights into the primary drivers and trends shaping the landscape and highlights the immense demand for various forms of digital content.

Our report is organized into three main sections: Markets, Service and Tool Providers, and Technology Trends. Each section delves into the essential aspects of the digital content creation industry, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

  1. Markets: In this section, we present an overview of the market size, growth potential, and major segments within the digital content creation industry. You’ll discover how the ongoing demand for digital content remains strong in 2023, with a focus on local content in emerging markets.
  2. Service and Tool Providers: This section focuses on the digital content creation (DCC) software tools market, which was worth $14.1 billion in revenues in 2022, an increase of 68% from 2018. You’ll gain insights into the leading service and tool providers, as well as the factors driving growth in this sector.
  3. Technology Trends: Explore the latest technological innovations that are transforming the industry. This section covers the emergence of subscription-based business models, cloud-based workflows, AR/VR, the Metaverse, game engines, AI/ML, and real-time ray tracing. Additionally, we discuss the implications of these trends for creative professionals and the broader market.

With our comprehensive Digital Content Market Report, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the digital content creation industry. Get ready to unlock the potential of this dynamic market and drive your business forward.

Table of Contents:
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • What is DCC?
    • The Industry in General
    • Key Organization Metrics and Trends
    • Employees
  • Developer on Staff
    • Company Organizations
    • Trends
    • Production Locations
    • Services Offered
    • Digital Content Creation Tool Suppliers
    • The evolution of Media Creation
    • Speaking the Same Language
    • Taking the Long View
  • Asset formation
    • Sustainability and Environmental Impact
    • Content Creators
  • Key Markets
    • Methodology
    • Scripted Content
    • Content Drives Streaming TV Market
    • Peak TV
    • Repurposing catalogues from DVD to OTT
    • The shift to episodic
    • Video Editing
    • Photo Editing
    • Games and Simulation (or Interactive Experiences)
    • Game Developers
    • Simulation
    • Creator / Social / Metaverse
    • Influencers
    • Social Media
    • Promotional
  • Service and Tool Providers
    • The VFX pipeline
    • Animation
    • Khronos node graphing in glTF
    • VFX
    • Game Development
    • Game Engines
    • Software Used by Indie Game Developers
    • Modders
    • Asset creation
    • Compositing
    • Post
    • Compositing Software
    • Character Preparation
    • World Building
  • Virtual Sets
    • Virtual Studios
    • LED Video Walls for Virtual Sets
    • Virtual Production
  • Technology Trends
    • The Verses
    • Collaboration
    • Omniverse
    • Omniverse Collapse the Pipeline
    • Gateway to 3D
    • AI/ML
    • Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling
    • Intel
    • AMD
    • Generative AI
    • IDEA and ITMF
    • Cloud
    • Rendering
    • The Ray Tracing Market
    • Film and Video
    • Game Industry
    • CAD
    • Importance of Materials Library
    • Open Source and Software Development
    • Reality and Motion Capture
    • Software Defined Workflows
    • Asset Management
    • The realities—Augmented, Virtual, Mixed, and Extended reality
    • Augmented Reality
    • Virtual Reality
  • Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Investment
    • M&A
  • Summary and Conclusion
  • Appendix
    • DCC Tool Suppliers
    • Software DCC Tool Categories
    • DCC Tools and suppliers
    • Khronos glTF Compression System
    • Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD)
    • Video editing Companies
    • How Game Streaming Turned Into A Lucrative Career
  • Index
    • End Notes