Codasip delivers custom RISC-V processing to SiliconArts’ ray-tracing GPUs

With Codasip 7-series core IP and Codasip Studio tools.

Jon Peddie

Munich-based Codasip announced that SiliconArts has adopted application-specific Codasip 7-series RISC-V processors with Codasip Studio customization tools. SiliconArts is a leader in innovations for high-end graphics, enabling immersive experiences with its photorealistic ray-tracing graphics rendering. The combination of the Codasip RISC-V processor IP and SiliconArts’ ray-tracing GPUs will empower the next generation of the most demanding augmented reality applications. SiliconArts’ (Seoul, South Korea) ray-tracing solution will incorporate Codasip’s RISC-V processor core IP. Codasip Studio tools will enable customers to achieve high levels of optimization for their graphics applications. Full flexibility for the SiliconArts partnership is enabled by full access to

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