AI marketing

Marketing AI for use in marketing

GenAI can put powerful tools in the hands of marketing, but they’re only as good as the knowledge and expertise of the person using them because they can cause big headaches.

Man in fire suit

Treating AI as a friend rather than a foe

Like virtual production before it, AI can make show/movie production easier, but we need to set guardrails.

Star Trek Resurgence

Star Trek: Resurgence best PC game in franchise

Great story, pretty good graphics.

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On delighting instead of insulting your customers.

Machine Learning

Machine learning in 2024

Expected GenAI developments in the year ahead relating to graphics performance.

The integration of AI into CAD

CAD—the other CG application

Somewhat forgotten in the CG industry, CAD is at the heart of it all.

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CES reality

The glitz, hopes, promises, questions were back at CES 2024.

Hogwarts Legacy

Our favorite games in 2023

Probably not in sync with the majority.

Pig Computer

I have become the pig

A hundred megabytes, who cares.

(Source: Martin Lopez, Pexels)

Film creativity is more about them than us

Films are getting longer, but is it really in service to the story or the director?

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The strikes were about equity and more, lots more

Executives are paid well, so why is it so hard to pay actors, writers, and members of the content team a fair (living) wage?

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AI bubble, me thinks not, or is history a predictor?

There are too many results, but all of history.