Google HQ

January and February, months of doom and gloom for tech giants

Layoffs and delays plague the industry, leaving questions as to who will lead the charge toward our virtual future?

Movie scene

Timing is everything, or is it?

Movies are movies, no matter where they’re seen.

Image of a woodshop

Technological murders

The killers keep coming, and yet. . .

On Golden Pond

Understanding, winning over the experienced generation

They typically have money and are not afraid to spend it, especially on PC/CE devices.

Seeing the future

What type of display will we be looking at?

Stranger Things movie

Password sharing isn’t a victimless activity

Save yourself some trouble, opt for ad-supported services rather than watching pirated content.

Paramount logo

Reaching the streaming saturation point?

You might want to pull back a bit on all your viewing choices.

The Dude

Screen size—yeah, it can matter

Some video stories need big screens more than others.

Be the right kind of hero

The industry can learn from missteps.

Rounders movie scene

Make the most of your time alone with others

Every now and then it’s good to connect live with people.

Animated Jensen

The virtual world may take longer than we expect

Web 3.0 tools are still being developed and refined, and slowly will become part of our lives.

In memory of Lenny Lipton

An inventor and innovator in stereoscopy, a great man, and a wonderful friend.