AMD 1300X

Gamers will want, but not likely get, AMD’s big memory

AMD loads up memory on AIBs for AI, not gamers.


Real leaders should listen, communicate

When goals are clearly understood and communication is open/transparent, it is easier and more satisfying for employees to do their job.


AMD is poised to make some big moves

The company is an underestimated and potentially significant player in the AI market.

The link between shootings and video games      

Hint—there isn’t one.


82 amps of static discharge

A shocking amount of current.


Famous graphics chips—1986 NCR 7300

Several advanced features but insufficient customers.

PC Gaming

Desktop or notebook? Enthusiast gamers have a clear preference

Vast majority of enthusiast PC gamers use desktop platform.

E3 Conference

Is E3 dead?

Cancelled again. We got to face the music. This may be the final blow for this once popular trade event.

google glass_001

See ya later

It’s (another) goodbye to Google Glass.

Google HQ

January and February, months of doom and gloom for tech giants

Layoffs and delays plague the industry, leaving questions as to who will lead the charge toward our virtual future?

Image of a woodshop

Technological murders

The killers keep coming, and yet. . .

Seeing the future

What type of display will we be looking at?