The new 3D graphics pipeline

Who loses and who gains when consumers get access to vast libraries of content for a minimum monthly fee or because they are willing to put up with ads? I

Chasing pixels into the multiverse of madness

Soon everything will be in the cloud, and maybe affordable

Recent AR developments and hints

What Apple, Qualcomm, and Google have revealed

Three billion gamers—really?

Are you as tired as I am at hearing this inflated and factious statistic of “3 billion gamers” used as if it was a fact?

The little green men left and took their PCs with them

For some reason they didn’t like the Apple machines and left them

Rethinking trade shows; Avid takes a time out

Avid has announced that it has decided to pause its participation in tradeshows throughout 2022. The company says it doesn’t plan to participate in the conferences organized by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), or National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).

Gelsinger’s grand strategy—leave no socket behind

Intel is at the forefront of the U.S.’s work about the importance of semiconductors

The fight for Arm

The gunfighters are circling the corral and their fingers are twitching. In-play is the opportunity presented by Arm.

Hail to the DIY’er

Today’s PC industry got its start with Microcomputers that were being built in garages all over the world.

GEE F decides to be GF

Globalfoundries agrees to what the world said

Real men have transcoders, ask Google

YouTube gets custom streaming chip—the VCU

Are PC sales headed for a crash?

Regardless of how the workload is distributed between home and the office, corporations, government, and universities will now have close to twice the inventory of PCs they had before the pandemic hit.