Things to do on a rainy Saturday Morning

Distract me ... now

Learning from the pandemic; what we’ve learned and what we’re changing

New realities, new policies, new thinking, new technology, and new attitudes.

The game market takes no prisoners

Content driven, platform second, culture is everything

2020’s GPU Compute add-in boards

FLOPS, TOPS, and pops compute accelerators

Will Sony re-invent S3D?

The SR Display could be an enabler for creators across several industries. Sony's new eye-sensing light field display (ELFD) does not require virtual reality glasses or a headset.

YAP—yet another platform

How do you stand out, stand on, or for?

The Genesis of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

In the beginning, there were punch cards and god said, that’s not good


The term Pixel is really quite old and very well defined.

Intel is building a dGPU—are they serious?

Do they know how hard that is?

What if Intel bought Arm?

Switzerland maintained, Nvidia denied

Microsoft’s Peggy Johnson joins Magic Leap

Johnson replaces embattled founder Rony Abovitz as CEO

What if what if?

If Nvidia did go for Arm, which I think would be a brilliant move, that would be a serious blow to Intel, and a potential torpedo for the open-source RISC-V adventure, of which Nvidia is a participant.