HP adds a few tweaks to the Reverb G2

Beating the pack

Posted: By Jon Peddie 10.27.21

HP announced that it has launched an updated version of its Reverb G2 headset in the US that brings improvements to controller tracking, eye-relief, and AMD compatibility. Alongside the headset’s improvements, there are changes to the Mixed Reality Portal software in Windows 11 with the aim to streamline the experience for SteamVR users and improve performance.

When HP launched Reverb G2 late last year, it was a major upgrade to its predecessor. We loved the headset’s improved display resolution, audio, and overall feel of it. But the controller tracking was iffy sometimes—not showing a beam soon enough or where you thought you were pointing.

HP admitted that “when it comes to controller tracking, good isn’t good enough” and therefore has “refined” its tracking capabilities with an upgrade that increases tracking volume “by 30% compared to our original headset and resolving blind spots above and below the waist.”

With regard to software, HP outlined changes that Microsoft has made to the Windows Mixed Reality platform, with the new settings and features in Windows 11, such as a new virtual home environment that is less resource-intensive and better for performance. There is also a setting that lets you bypass the Windows Mixed Reality home environment on startup and launch straight into SteamVR. That can help a lot. In our testing, we were frustrated with the connection to the sluggish WMR platform from last year.

What do we think?

HP has demonstrated its commitment to VR for both the consumer and enterprise—all the other companies have chosen one or the other—or offered both with a crippled or too expensive solution for the other. 

What we haven’t been able to find out is how much of the improvements can be retrofitted to the existing Reverb. However, there are some clues here from Microsoft.

You can find out more of the details of the headset here.