Varjo gathers $40 million to develop industrial metaverse

The high-resolution Aero is Varjo’s professional-grade XR headset. For $1,990, you get dual mini-LED displays, edge-to-edge clarity, a 90-Hz refresh rate, and active cooling. (Source: Varjo) Varjo, a producer of high-end virtual reality (VR) hardware, has acquired $40 million in funds to expand the Varjo Reality Cloud. Their service is a platform that allows off-site compute power and GPUs to … Read more

UPDATE – HP’s Reverb G2

I heard back from HP and they told me this: Changes are rolling out in the US first and will be rolled out subsequently in other countries. The tracking improvement is a result of hardware changes to the physical camera module on the new Reverb G2 units. These changes are not backward compatible and are only available with the purchase … Read more

HP adds a few tweaks to the Reverb G2

HP announced that it has launched an updated version of its Reverb G2 headset in the US that brings improvements to controller tracking, eye-relief, and AMD compatibility. Alongside the headset’s improvements, there are changes to the Mixed Reality Portal software in Windows 11 with the aim to streamline the experience for SteamVR users and improve performance. When HP launched Reverb … Read more

Varjo’s new Aero headset includes enthusiasts

Are you prepared for the cavalcade of headsets coming your way? Next week, the Augmented World Expo (AWE) conference will officially start as a hybrid. AWE was among the first on the trade-show circuit to announce in-person activities, and they have a busy virtual conference as well. The first time we were lucky enough to try out the Varjo headset … Read more

FYR bug’s eye AR glasses

Traditional HMDs are bulky, power-hungry, and most of them fill only a small portion of the visual field with limited resolution. Those limitations plague every industry supplier and user in the AR and VR market, from manufacturing, training, and medical to military and entertainment. The issues are not new or unusual problems; it’s simply physics: there’s only so much light … Read more

Campfire days

AR headset and system builder Campfire is going on the road to show off their wares. If you live in or near Austin, Brooklyn, or San Francisco you can see one.

Khronos 3D Viewer Program

Khronos announced their 3D Commerce Viewer Certification Program. 3D viewers are software engines that enable users to display and interact with 3D models. Viewers are used by retailers, social media sites, and brands to create experiences on e-commerce storefronts, search engines, ad platforms, and in native applications.   Khronos says their Viewer Certification Program enables 3D viewers across the industry … Read more