See ya later

It’s (another) goodbye to Google Glass.

Jon Peddie

At one point, about a decade ago, Google Glass was generating a lot of buzz in the tech industry, even before it was an actual thing. The concept was very high tech and so was the look. Yet, it prompted concerns, mainly pertaining to look, privacy, and cost. Maybe the consumer market just wasn’t ready for this type of device. Whatever the reason, the smartglasses were very short-lived.

google glass_001

A few years later, Google gave it another go, this time with the Enterprise version for industry users. Now, the Enterprise Edition has suffered the same fate as its predecessor, as Google has said it is no longer selling the Glass Enterprise Edition and will cease support for it as September.

In looking back on the era of Google Glass, it was a concept and product ahead of its time, but one appreciated at least by this geek.