The Lisa Su effect

If you believed, you’d a lot richer today

Jon Peddie

When Lisa Su took over the presidency of AMD in October 2014, the company was at an all-time low, and its share price was $2.80. At that same time, Intel’s share price was $32.80, and Nvidia was at $19.21, things didn’t look for AMD or Su, and several people asked, why would anyone want to run AMD? 

Two years later AMD’s share price had grown to $6.52, Intel increase to $35.15, and Nvidia hit $67.54. By October 2018, four years later, AMD was at $17.73, Intel hit $46.17, and Nvidia crossed over $200 briefly.

On 18 April 2019, four and half years later AMD was at $27.68, Intel got to $58.49, and Nvidia was at $186.30.

If you had bought $1,000 of shares for all three companies when Lisa Su took over, today your AMD shares would be worth $9,885.17, Intel would be worth $1,783.23, and Nvidia would be worth $9,698.07. If you bought NASDAQ index funds your $1,000 would be worth $1,727. AMD passed Intel in ROI in May 2016 and mighty Nvidia in January 2019. The gain in share price since Su took over has been 888.6%, compared to Intel of 78.3%, and Nvidia at 869.8%. The index went up 73%.

AMD’s share price has had steady upward growth since Su took over in 2014


Of course, the modest Dr. Su would not take credit for it and point instead to the team and the company’s IP. She could also point to the loyal and happy customers. And her competitors will say, yeah but, that’s just today, let’s see how AMD does going forward. I’d say don’t get cocky, AMD is now a real contender, don’t underestimate the formable Ms. Su or the battled hardened AMD company.

This summer AMD will celebrate its 50th anniversary in New York and Taipei. I hope the redoubtable Jerry Sanders will be there to see and thank Lisa Su for what she’s done with his baby.

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