YAP—yet another platform

How do you stand out, stand on, or for?

Jon Peddie
(Source: Appian)


When someone uses the word platform, what do you think of? It depends on who is saying it, and in what context. A person might say, “My platform is to establish fair treatment for everyone.” Another might say, “With my platform, you can build a successful business enterprise.” Still, another might say, “We added an helio-pad to the platform for supplies and R&R.” Or, “I’ll be waiting for you at the platform, don’t miss the train.”

Political parties have a platform, hip hops wear platforms, and construction companies build platforms to temporally hold things up.

What then is the meaning when a technology company says they have a platform? If a software company invites you to use their platform, how do you find it, touch it, or build on it? Where is it?

Technology firms in the computer, medical, and communications industries offer users and developers the opportunity to use their platform. Financial organizations have platforms and so do several other groups.

And all of them keep introducing new ones—yet another platform—YAP.

At Nvidia’s GTC keynote, Jensen Huang introduced six or more platforms. Cisco has platforms, so does Google, and Best Buy.

A platform is a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes, or technologies are developed.

I think the term is overused and worn out. Everything every company does is a platform. Build on us, be captive to us, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Let’s call them what they really are: proprietary dependency systems—PDS.

At SuperSmsahtronics, we are building the world’s finest and most robust PDS ever imagined. Like the Hotel California, once you join our PDS you can never leave—some do, but at great expense. We have the tools, the hardware, the software, the interfaces, the operating systems, libraries, and translators. Everything you need, or will need to have a happy, dependent company that will grow, grow, just as fast as we let you. And what’s even better, it’s free (subject to licenses, taxes, delivery charges, and certification costs. Don’t sigb up for Supersmashtronics PDS if you are suffering from crushing deadlines, inadequate funding, unfillable HR vacancies, paternal, maternal, fraternal, or comborternal disorders. PDS can be harmful to those taking management training classes, or anyone who has taken a  critical thinking class. Conditions may vary due to boards of directors, stockholder suits, class action suits, and bad fitting suits. If conditions persist, call your spiritual leader right away.)

We are proud of our accomplishments at SuperSmashtronics and have dozens, more than one dozen developers, designers, debuggers, and deliberators using our highly refined, ultra-reliable, world-class PDS. Come see for yourself what dozens of others have learned and PROFITED from. We can guarantee you, once you embrace SuperSmashtroncis PDS you will never go anywhere else; just ask the legal department of any of our loyal customers.

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