Buzzing around

Posted: 12.03.15

I know how to talk the talk

I’m going to get me a few of the IoT development kits every semiconductor and IP company is offering—all I’ll have to do is pick the one or two I can get as a demo unit, and start IoT’ing. I’ve decided my first project will be a Virtual Reality device of some type where I can use Deep Learning and Big Data from the Cloud. My plan is to use the IoT kit to Hack my car and make it an Autonomous Vehicle, which I see the U.S. Department of Transportation is now going to allow on open roads. My big idea is to build a Synergistic system with a Drone that will fly ahead of the autonomous vehicle and spot potential dangerous situations and, via high bandwidth 5G communications, warn the autonomous vehicle. It will also send Streaming Video to me for the creation of a virtual reality experience I can have at home, or later, of the autonomous vehicle’s trip and adventure by using my Wearable Device. I think I can even extend the data stream to a Smart Glasses, Augmented Reality device I am also constructing using 3D Printing. However, I am going to have to learn more about Artificial Intelligence if I want to extend the idea to a Robotic car, but if I can do it, then I can offer an Autonomous Delivery Service to UPS, FedEx, the USPO, and major distributors like Amazon. 

If I can get the prototype even half working, I will launch a Kickstarter or some other type of Crowdfunding project, and unlike other scam projects with that name, I will actually deliver something. Then I will contact all of the Angel Investors I know to fund the company, and we will have a Disruptive Startup, with an Exit Scenario of an acquisition because the IPO market is too tough these days. Of course, I’m going to have to prove to the investors that I can Scale the business, that it Has Legs, and that it’s in my Wheelhouse, and that it exploits my experiences and skill—I think I can do that with some cleverly constructed Slideware, and maybe even a semi working prototype. What I’m planning here is a Hyperconverged system of car and drone, a Service-Oriented Architecture, with no Data Privacy issues. Since it will be of interest to the delivery service organization, I may be able to get a Revenue Stream deal, and if I do, I will not accept any Cryptocurrency— that’s just asking for trouble. I’ve been trying to think of a Gamification angle for the system, but so far have come up dry on that; suggestions are welcomed. I do think that with the wearable VR part of it, I can easily add a Quantified Self component, but that will be in Phase II after we get the funding worked out. Nonetheless, what I’m going to build is clearly a Paradigm Shift in the way products will be brought to the buyers, and the buyers can even have the fun of watching the package come to them. This, of course, is a product only Prosumers will appreciate initially, since they are the Early Adopters needed to launch a new product. Since I’m just a small operator, I’ll have to employ Smarketing, and maybe some kind of a Freemium to get things started.

So now I’m busy learning Python and Ruby on Rails, which doesn’t seem too difficult; I think I can easily Leverage my programming experiences from FORTAN and Pascal. That way I won’t have to do any Outsourcing, and be Vertically Integrated so my Enterprise is Poised for Growth