Campfire 3D

Spatial collaboration for 3D models

Campfire’s digital alternative to using 2D docs and videos.

Think Silicon demos GPUs for embedded, wearables

Working with Edge Impulse on ML for wearables and AIoT.

Graphics card

Intel partners show edge GPU cards based on Intel Arc A380E

Advantech, Adlink, and Matrox launch embedded boards.

Vikram Gupta

Synaptics Astra AI-native IoT compute platform

Arm-based MPUs and MCUs with Imagination GPUs.

Maxon Image

Maxon continues to maximize Maxon One

Spring update brings new features.

RTX A400

Squeezing more out of Ampere

Nvidia offers two new workstation AIBs.

Lisa Su

Lisa Su tells SXSW audience that mainstream AI use is on the way

Flash forward: AMD’s Ryzen 8000G has arrived.

Conference Logo

Automotive AR Conference

A first and in Helsinki.


A render engine built specifically for real-time production

Zero Density’s new EVO II.

CAD Hand

AI is the next step in CAD

Though the computer graphics industry has expanded and evolved, CAD is at the heart of it.

If I had to do it all over again…

I’d launch the AI PC differently.

OpenRX Logo

Khronos is releasing OpenXR 1.1

The next big step in reducing fragmentation and simplifying application development for XR.