Jon Peddie Research Projection: PC Graphics Market on Track for Post-Pandemic Correction

A drop in PC shipments has spooked the industry, but projections from JPR show a return to normalization in growth

When is it just too much?

Viewers are becoming overwhelmed with entertainment options.

1,400 Ångströms or bust

Samsung announces plans to scale the mountain.

Intel has released the long-awaited Intel Arc A750 and A770

They’re finally here! The Intel Arc A750 and A770 GPUs officially launched October 12

Even sports are changing, evolving

Sports may not be the sure bet they once were for viewership, as Gen Zers are not the fans of yesteryear.

​GPUs are damn tricky

Intel is finding out just how tricky they can be!

​ The story of pickles, road maps, and the remote work and play industry

TIFCA is hosting a summit where support for remote work and play is the main dish on the menu.

Jon Peddie Research acquires Display Daily

The addition of the electronic display media outlet offers expansion of JPR’s analysis of the graphics industry.

Jon Peddie Research Acquires Display Daily

The addition of a respected international electronic display industry media outlet offers a natural expansion of JPR’s knowledge

Streaming video is evolving

Will user tolerance evolve alongside with it?

Gaming monitors shipments to see 10% decline YoY to 20.5 million units in 2022

Taiwanese research firm TrendForce says that it expects 2022 to see the first ever TrendForce downturn in the desktop monitor gaming market with a forecast now of 20.5 million units globally for the year, down 10% from 2021.

A new ebook from Jon Peddie Research discusses the expanding use of GPUs in engineering simulations

JPR worked with Nvidia to determine how the CAE industry is changing in response to GPU acceleration