BOXX introduces new workstation featuring Intel Xeon W-3300 processor

First-to-market, APEXX Matterhorn

Alex Broadstall

BOXX introduced their new APEXX Matterhorn workstation featuring Intel’s Xeon W-3300 series processors. BOXX is among the first hardware manufacturers to ship systems with the new single-socket processor and claims it will provide performance increases over previous Intel Xeon W technology. The APEXX Matterhorn is a versatile platform that the company says is purpose-built for rendering, simulation, and other GPU-accelerated compute applications.

“In order for creative professionals to remain competitive, they need immediate access to the best technology,” said Bill Leasure, BOXX VP of Marketing. “The new Intel Xeon W-3300 processor inside our APEXX Matterhorn provides state-of-the-art Intel technology designed to maximize a broad range of workflows .”


The new single-socket Xeon W-3300 processor from Intel has up to 38 cores and can reach up to 4.0 GHz with Intel’s Turbo Boost Max Technology 2.0. The CPUs have 64 PCIe lanes providing more I/O throughput for networking, graphics, and storage. In addition to the new Intel processor, the customizable APEXX Matterhorn is available with a rackmount kit and features liquid-cooling, a 1600-watt power supply, up to 4TB of memory, and four Nvidia or AMD professional GPUs.

Rack-mounted APEXX workstation. (Source: BOXX)


“APEXX Matterhorn provides the level of performance for which BOXX is known,” said Leasure. “By working closely with industry partners like Intel, and through our own innovative integration of only enterprise class components, we’re dedicated to providing industry-leading technology that maximizes customer productivity and ROI.”


Since the machines are purpose-built, there isn’t a standard price, so you have to call BOXX to get a quote on the kind of system you want for your application.