Resistance is futile

We are the Borg. We will assimilate you

Jon Peddie
Chief Borg Gelsinger assimilates HP’s technology to make Itainum in 2001 (Source: Intel)


Star date 1999.05.22:15:30. While cruising the galaxy in the Delta quadrant looking for new materials and technology, the Borg, (classification: species 101intel) discovered a planet producing reduced instruction set computing devices that were approaching the theorized warp-speed of one instruction per cycle. The Borg wanted, needed, that technology. After a four-year-long protracted battle the planet (classification: species hp-995z) and the Borg arrived at a lop-sided truce and agreed to share the VLIW epic-IA-64 technology. In a few years’ time the Borg successful assimilated hp-995z’s IA-64 technology and cast them adrift on a vector that would eventually take them to the Alpha Quadrant in 23,000 years at warp 2 (hp-995z would later enhance their warp drive technology and arrive at the Alpha Quadrant in just under 20 years).

Star date 2003.04.14:17:00. Attempts at destroying alien member delta1999 (AKA: amd), the Borg assimilated its technology and left amd1999 in a smoldering heap. The Borg took the x86-64 extension technology and the high-speed serial links and absorbed them into its own DNA.

Star date 2020.02.25:08:45. During a dangerous mater-anti-mater realignment of Jeffry plasma tubes a horrendous explosive occurred that threw the Borg back in time and nullified all current developments. The so-called 14nm event severely weakened the Borg and left it vulnerable.

Star date 2021.06.23:12:21. After tying up in the Alpha quadrant for 18 years repairing its fleet, amd1999 emerged and began destroying outlying Borg ships. Weakened by the 14nm event, the Borg were no match for the revitalized amd1999 fleet.

Star date 2021.08.03:09:10. The Borg having successfully assimilated several dozen species over the years as it travels the galaxy decided it needed the space VLIW epic IA-64 was occupying so the Borg could accommodate mobi rayvision and TSMCGPU-64 in its place. Jettisoning IA-64 at warp 10 toward the Epsilon with the typical lack of concern for the inhabitants of that quadrant and what IA-64 might do to them. The collective passed by a new species, risc-V715, and examined it as a candidate for assimilation but decided it did not have sufficient novel characteristics or mutable vectors to be useful or interesting. Nonetheless, it did have the potential to be disruptive to the Borg’s quest and so a worm was injected into risc-V715 that would cause it and any of its allies to self-destruct in 3.57 years.

To be continued . . .