Dell Precision 7875 Tower

Massive compute power with multiple GPUs and CPU cores.

Jon Peddie

Dell’s Precision 7875 Tower workstation is designed for engineers, architects, creatives, and product designers. It offers scalable performance with support for up to 96 cores, making it suitable for AI initiatives, graphical design, VR, and more. Powered by an AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro processor, it can accommodate up to two AMD or Nvidia AIBs, up to 56TB of storage, and 2TB of DDR5 memory. It features Dell Optimizer AI-based software, which optimizes performance based on the user’s work habits and offers power savings without sacrificing efficiency. Additionally, it supports simultaneous multi-network connections for faster data and video downloads, and features Intelligent Audio to enhance conferencing experiences.

Dell workstation
(Source: Dell)

What do we think? AI developers need a lot of GPU and tensor cores to crunch the massive databases they use. The Precision 7875 can accommodate two add-in boards, which could bring as many as 32,768 SIMD cores and 1,024 tensor cores (plus ray tracing, texture, and ROPs) and 96 x86 cores—that’s a lot of cores.

Dell Precision 7875 Tower, an AI-ready workstation with scalable performance to run GenAI models locally

Designed for engineers, architects, creatives, and product designers, the Precision 7875 Tower can be scaled up to 96 cores for complex and demanding workflows. With the most cores of any single-socket Dell Precision workstation, the 7875 supports applications from AI initiatives with massive datasets to graphical design and VR.

The Precision 7875 is based on an AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro processor with up to 96 cores, up to two 300W (or single 500W triple-wide) Nvidia or AMD graphics cards, up to 56TB of storage, and 2TB of 4800MHz, DDR5 memory.

It includes the Dell Optimizer for Precision AI-based software, which learns how the user works so it can optimize the performance of one’s workstation.

Dell Optimizer is Dell’s AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way one works, designed to automatically improve application and device performance, PC and accessory battery run-time, audio/video settings, and privacy—all in the background while one is working.

It can save energy without sacrificing performance for efficiency with power optimization. The optimizer can achieve power savings when one sets their PC to Quiet Mode on thermal management settings, and can, says Dell, give up to 2.4W of power savings compared to default mode.

The workstation can also run simultaneous multi-network connections for faster data and video downloads.

The Intelligent Audio feature senses one’s surroundings and improves the conferencing experience by removing unwanted sounds, alerts the user when their voice quality is poor, and provides a better collaboration experience for the user and all call participants.