Calling all space cadets trying to manage space-related data, in a Flash

FMS 2023 conference highlights challenges in capturing, storing, and using data in space, for space.

Robert Dow

With all of the interest and excitement surrounding the establishment of moon bases, settlements on Mars, and exploring the far reaches of the galaxy, this year’s Flash Memory Summit (August 8–10) will be highlighting a number of sessions on the unique requirements of efficiently and effectively capturing/using data in the development and use of relaunchable rockets, satellite delivery, and the increasingly importance of exploration and understanding of our universe and beyond.

“Whether it’s a major governmental project or commercial venture like consumer broadband and TV services beamed from low-orbit satellites, tomorrow’s memory and storage technologies will be facing unique requirements and hostile environments,” said Chuck Sobey, Flash Memory Summit general chair. “This year’s Data in Space sessions will feature experts from NASA, JPL, and companies focusing on managing and using data for near-Earth and distant exploration and activities.”

The educational and informational sessions will give storage engineers and managers an opportunity to understand the rigid requirements and harsh environments that memory technologies will need to overcome, to not just capture and safely store data outside of our atmosphere, but also to ensure its 100% reliability and unlimited set of requirements as businesses begin to explore new opportunities with business in space.  

The space-for-Earth economy—the goods and services produced in space for use on Earth—is estimated to be a multitrillion-dollar industry this year and more than triple that by 2025. At the same time, the space-for-space economy—goods and services produced in space such as mining and in-space habitats—is expected to grow astronomically in the next few years.

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The all-inclusive international memory and storage conference (Flash Memory Summit 2023) will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.  The conference will feature senior executive keynote speakers, with sessions covering everything from applications and architectures, through enterprise storage, controllers, and new technologies. Conference reference and registration details are available at