Campfire days

Been curious? Want to see one?

Posted: 07.05.21

AR headset and system builder Campfire is going on the road to show off their wares. If you live in or near Austin, Brooklyn, or San Francisco you can see one.

  • July 14, Brooklyn, 9AM – 7PM
  • August 11, Austin, 9AM – 7PM
  • September 8, San Francisco, CA  9AM – 7PM

Campfire is a new startup focused on holographic collaboration for design and engineering workflows (see TechWatch). The company has created a new generation of devices and applications that enable distributed teams to work with 3D models. The Campfire Headset delivers a 92° diagonal field-of-view in AR and a new level of comfort in VR.

  • The Campfire Console acts like a holographic projector to bring the intuitiveness and robustness of traditional monitors to shared holographic experiences.
  • The Campfire Pack turns a phone into a powerful controller to reduce the learning curve of dedicated controllers and gestural interfaces.
  • The Campfire Scenes app enables users to create, share, and control scenes composed from 40+ types of CAD/3D files.
  • The Campfire Viewer app enables users to work within 3D scenes alone or during video calls using a Campfire Headset, tablet, or phone.

You can register here to request an invitation for the events.