Gigabyte sees growth in gaming market as motherboard shipments decline

PC World sees increase in motherboard sales


Gigabyte’s motherboard division is seeing a curious drop in shipments, but the company isn’t fretting, especially as it pertains to the gaming market. For Gigabyte, the Aorus brand it created is the key tapping into the growing gaming sector even if the rest of the PC market sees a decline. 

PC World quotes JPR to back up Gigabyte’s optimism: There is reason Gigabyte (and others) should remain optimistic. Jon Peddie Research noted earlier this year that PC gaming hardware revenue reached a record $30 billion in 2016. That was before AMD got back in the game with Ryzen, Threadripper, and Vega. All three have given hardware makers an opportunity to push out new products, as has Intel’s Core X series lineup.