HP goes to the extreme with high-performance Zs

Announces new desktop lineup and a remote system management controller that works anywhere.

Karen Moltenbrey

HP announces new desktop workstations in its Z family that are geared for high-performance workflows including machine learning.

The letter Z became synonymous with HP well over a decade ago, replacing the company’s XW series workstations, and then getting extended into the mobile segment, replacing the EliteBook W series. Starting with the HP Z800, Z600, and Z400, the Z line continued to grow with the “20s” (Z820, Z620, Z420), 40s, and beyond. Today, the HP Z continues to grow, as HP announces the all-new G5 Z by HP high-performance desktops.

HP Z28
The HP Z8 offers Blizzard artists the rendering power necessary for developing the studio’s complex games. (Source: HP)

The G5 set—which includes the Z4, Z6, Z8, and new Z8 Fury—is designed to tackle highly complex workflows, including machine learning, across a range of industries where users require compute power that will enable them to quickly achieve accurate results. This includes users working in fields such as engineering, data sciences, architecture, and M&E, among others.

To achieve extreme performance, these new G5 Z workstations utilize a carefully tuned balance of CPU and GPU computing, taking advantage of the capabilities each has to offer. “HP’s design engineering, together with the power of Intel and Nvidia, provide the performance, scalability, and security our customers require to meet their evolving needs,” said Jim Nottingham, VP and GM, Z by HP.

The G5 Z workstations include up to 56 CPU cores and four high-end GPUs in the top-end Z8 Fury G5. Like the G5 Z4, Z5, and Z8, the Fury also can be configured with a range of specifications. Moreover, these workstations are designed with additional space, so they can expand as the user’s workflow evolves.

Welcome to the family, HP Z8 G5. (Source: HP)

The HP Z4 G5, the company’s best-selling workhorse, boasts up to a 24-core CPU (next-gen Intel Xeon W), up to two high-end GPUs (Nvidia RTX A6000 or AMD Radeon Pro W6800), and up to 512GB of RAM.  

The HP Z6 G5 contains multiple GPUs based on the increased PCIe expandability of the latest Xeon W-3400 processor architecture. It has up to 36 processing cores, three high-end graphics cards (three RTX A6000s or two Radeon Pro W6800s), and 1TB of DDR5 memory.

The HP Z8 G5 can handle CPU-intensive workflows, as the dual-socket workstation is designed to utilize 4th-Gen Intel Xeon. It delivers up to 64 system cores across two Xeon CPUs, two high-end GPUs (RTX A6000s or Radeon Pro W6800s), and 1TB of DDR5 memory.

The Z8 Fury G5, with transformative single-socket technology, features up to 56 cores in a single CPU (Xeon W) and, in a first for Z desktop PCs, up to four high-end, double-wide GPUs (four RTX A6000s or two Radeon Pro W6800s), along with 2TB of DDR5 RAM.

The four new workstations are available now for preorder from HP.

In addition, the company is offering the HP Anyware Remote System Controller, a peripheral that enables IT personnel to manage and support  high-performance devices from any location. The device will be available this spring. Pricing has not been announced yet.

HP Remote system
HP’s Anyware Remote System Controller helps IT departments with hybrid workforce management. (Source: HP)