Workstation’s power couple

A new generation powered by the latest Intel Xeon CPU and Nvidia RTX 6000 Ada GPU.

Karen Moltenbrey

What do you get when you combine the latest CPU and GPU, along with advanced networking capabilities? New workstations ready to tackle the most demanding aspects of AI computing, rendering, and simulation across data science, manufacturing, architecture, broadcast, media and entertainment, and health care.

“The new Intel- and Nvidia Ada-powered workstations deliver unprecedented speed, power, and efficiency, enabling professionals everywhere to take on the most complex workflows across all industries,” said Bob Pette, VP of professional visualization at Nvidia.

These new platforms contain the latest Intel Xeon W and Intel Xeon Scalable processors, along with Nvidia RTX 6000 Ada GPUs and Nvidia ConnectX-6 SmartNICs.

The next generation of powerful desktop workstations. (Source: Nvidia)

According to Intel, the latest Intel Xeon W processors feature a breakthrough new compute architecture for faster individual CPU cores and a new embedded multi-die interconnect bridge packaging. As a result, Intel’s latest high-performance workstation processors, the Sapphire Rapids Xeon W-3400 and Xeon W-2400 series processors, enable unprecedented scalability for increased workload performance. At the top end, the Xeon w9-3495X is available with up to 56 cores in a single socket and has a redesigned memory controller and larger L3 cache. It is capable of delivering up to 28% more single-threaded and 120% more multithreaded performance over the previous generation of Xeon processors.

Meanwhile, the latest Nvidia RTX 6000, based on the Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, contains 142 3rd-gen RT cores, 568 4th-gen Tensor cores, and 18,176 latest-gen CUDA cores, in addition to 48GB of high-performance graphics memory. All of that adds up to 2´ ray tracing, AI, graphics, and compute performance, compared to the previous generation.

In addition, the Nvidia ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNIC serves as a secure advanced smart network interface card for accelerating data center applications such as visualization, security, machine learning, and storage. The high-speed, low-latency networking and streaming capabilities enable teams to move and ingest large datasets or allow remote users to collaborate across demanding applications.

These new workstations are available for preorder starting now from Boxx and HP, with more supported workstations on the horizon.