HP squeezes a GPU into its thinnest notebook

A masterpiece of packaging and engineering

Jon Peddie


HP has been making beautiful lightweight notebooks for a few years now. Introducing new colors, some trimmed with wood, and each new one lighter and thinner than the previous one. This time, they have done the impossible—put a full-fledged GPU in a super thin and light notebook in an all-metal chassis.

The 14-inch HP Pavilion Plus is only 16.5mm (0.65-inch) thick and draws 45W, weighs 3 pounds, and sells for $800.

The OLED screen, Pavilion’s first, is 2880 × 1800 (2.8K at 16:10), with 100% DCI-P3, and up to 90 Hz refresh. There’s a 5 MP camera built into the top bezel, but you’d have to squint to see it, it is so tiny. It comes with centering software, so you can wiggle or even walk around and stay centered, and the backlight adjusts for ambient light level.


Into that package, HP has managed to stuff 12th Gen Intel 15W Series i3/i5/i7, 512GB (PCIs NVMe) storage, an optional 5G modem, and an Nvidia RTX 2050 dGPU with 4GB VRAM.

The sweet 14-incher comes in two types of silver, pink, gold, and blue.