Pixotope natively supports UE 5.4

Using Unreal graphics in live broadcasts just got easier.

Karen Moltenbrey

Pixotope has rolled out Pixotope 24.1.0, which for the first time features Unreal Engine 5.4 integration, along with new updates and tools. This latest release makes it easier for broadcast users to leverage UE 5.4 tools and streamline their AR, virtual studio, XR, and character generator workflows.

(Source: Pixotope)

Pixotope has been assisting broadcasters looking for an end-to-end virtual production solution, and now the company has extended those capabilities even further with native support for Unreal Engine 5.4. So now, for the first time, broadcasters can design motion and production graphics directly within Pixotope.

Pixotope 24.1.0, with the UE 5.4 integration, simplifies and streamlines AR, virtual studio, XR, and CG workflows for users. As a result, they can create complex 2D motion and production graphics directly within the engine, leading to more engaging experiences with visual appeal. The update also introduces a new Motion Design mode, with specialized authoring tools for generating complex 2D motion graphics. This dedicated mode is engineered to provide an elevated user experience and sustained productivity for motion designers, says the company. Included is a suite of tools such as 3D cloners, effectors, modifiers, animators, and more.

“With Pixotope 24.1, we’re providing broadcasters with powerful tools to leverage Unreal graphics in their live broadcasts, without complicating their workflows,” says Gideon Ferber, Pixotope SVP of product. “For broadcasters, these creative capabilities translate into unique revenue opportunities. For example, they can integrate clever advertising seamlessly within programming, effectively monetizing three-dimensional space that previously had little to no value.” 

This latest version of Pixotope also comprises various updates and new tools for creative enhancements and streamlined setup and operation.